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How can Prime Dental be so inexpensive?

The first question to ask is why are other software systems so expensive? The other software you use on your computer does not cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and neither should your dental software. Prime dental is open source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).Open source simply means that the programming code is open to the entire dental community. Unlike other companies who go to great lengths to hide and protect their data, we encourage sharing and development of our system. This means that thousands of programmers around the world can work to develop and improve this software. This means lowers costs and certainly a much more powerful and robust product. With other software companies that cost much more, a large amount of the cost goes to third party salespeople and to licensing the database used by their system. These are both completely unnecessary costs, which can amount to thousands of dollars. We sell direct to the public, eliminating the middle man and we also use an open source database, which means that you are not paying another software company a licensing fee.


What are the system requirements?

The requirments are minimal and Prime Dental runs on most versions of Windows. Most users run Prime Dental on Windows 10, but it is able to run on older versions of Windows as well.

Is Prime Dental reliable and secure?

Prime Dental uses the MySQL database. This is a modern, stable, and powerful database that is running on millions of computers worldwide. Your data is very secure, reliable, and fully accessible.

What is the advantage of having an open database?

In an open database, the structure of the data is available to see and use and still remain very secure. You can use your data in any other program. This is very different than the proprietary format used by other dental software companies. They control and limit what data you see and use. They are in control of your data and you are locked in. When this happens, it is very difficult to switch to another software product. The other companies know this, and once they have you locked in, they charge huge prices for upgrades and support, which in turn you are forced to pay. Without competition, they have no incentive to provide better services to their customers. In Prime Dental, you control every single bit of data and you are the one in control. If you ever decide to switch to another product, your data will not need to be converted. To keep our customers, we have to provide valuable services at a reasonable cost. This means better service and products for you.

Are you a new company?

Our company has been doing business in the dental industry since 1995. We provide software, consulting, and equipment for dental professionals across the United States. Prime Dental Software is the fusion of our clinical, computer, and consulting expertise to bring the dental community a complete practice management package.

What if you go out of business?

If we go out of business, the situation would be very different than with any other dental software. Since Prime Dental is open source, anyone has the freedom to develop and support our product. There is already a large existing customer base and there will always be plenty of incentive for various companies to build on what we started. But, of course, we don't plan on going anywhere. This software is a resource for the dental community that can never be bought out or taken away from us. It will always continue to grow and benefit everyone.

Can you convert data from my existing practice management software?

We can convert data from Dentrix, SoftDent, Intellident, PracticeWorks, EasyDental, EagleSoft, Mogo, and many others. The charge for this service depends on your software program and what data you want converted. Prices are usually in the $500-$1,000 range for a typical conversion. Please note that because these companies restrict what data can be used, you may not be able to convert all of your data. This is especially true for clinical charting and notes. This information can be saved by using a screen capture and having it saved into the corresponding patient folder on our system. This would allow you to view a picture of this data, like looking at a photo, but would not allow you to edit or change it. Remember, once you switch to our product, all of your data will be in an open database. If you ever decide to switch software again, your data will be available to you and easy to import into the new system, without an expensive conversion process. To get more information on conversions, please contact us at