Prime Dental Software




Easy to Learn


Prime Dental is one of the most powerful practice management systems on the market. It is built with cutting edge technology using Microsoft’s .NET framework. 


Prime Dental uses the mySQL database to organize your practice. This is one of the best databases in the world and it is very powerful, stable and secure. It is running on millions of computers worldwide and is used by some of the world’s largest companies. It gives you extensive features and total control of your data.

You are in Control

Prime Dental gives you total control over your data. Unlike other companies who go to great lengths to hide and protect their data, we have a completely open database. The data is available to see and use and yet still remains very secure. This is very different than the proprietary format that all other dental software uses. They control and limit what data you see and use. In Prime Dental, you control every single bit of data and your data will never need to be converted again.

Easy to Learn

Prime Dental is very easy to learn. Seven large graphical icons, which link to different areas of the program, are always available and allow the user to quickly navigate to the necessary information. These areas are all very intuitive with large tabbed buttons for all functions right in front of the user. No need to memorize icons, commands, or menus. Your entire staff will be up and running on our system on their very first use.



Our Appointment Book is very easy to read and use. It is fully customizable allowing you to set it to match how you practice. You can set providers, operatories, how many days, which hours, and what information is displayed. It also provides handy pop up alerts, such as financial notes, scheduling history concerns and medical alerts.






Our billing system is simple yet very powerful. The patient financial information is accessible with one simple click and is very easy to read. Patient checkout couldn’t be easier and is accessible all from one page. Statements can be generated with one click and you can have unlimited fee schedules. Financial pop-up notes can be added to any account and there is a communications log, which records all communications with your patients. It will track your e-mail, phone, letters, statements, insurance, and in-person communications with all of your patients.


Insurance plans can be quickly entered and claim forms quickly generated. Our software fully supports e-claims and can integrate with many insurance databases and online eligibility checks. Insurance benefit estimates are also tracked and calculated automatically.


Our recall system is very customizable and can be linked to our scheduler for quick easy recall scheduling. It accurately tracks your recall lists and can print or email recall and confirmation postcards.

Patient Records:

You can have a true paperless chart with Prime Dental. Our software has all the necessary information for your patient records, including; charting, progress notes, prescriptions, medications, treatment and financial records and images.


You have unlimited options with our report features. Since you have complete access to your data you can make any report that you need. You can also freely merge this data with other programs. There truly are unlimited possibilities!


With one simple click you can pringt or email letters to your patients. Stock letters can be saved and reused and all correspondence is logged in the corresponding patient record. You can also merge your data to a word processor to easily create large mailings.

Referral Tracking:

You can easily track all you referrals. Our system will track which patients you have referred to which providers and what providers or other sources have referred patients to you. Lab Cases: You can track you lab cases by date sent, date due, and date returned. This is also tied to the scheduler so you can quickly see if a lab case is overdue on a scheduled patient.

Time Clock:

Our time clock feature allows you to track your employees' hours and breaks in a simple easy to use system. At the end of the pay period simple print a report and you have all the information you need to do your payroll. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Office Communication:

We have an office “intercom” system built right into our software. Simply click on a button to page the doctor or a staff member, and you will get a verbal and visual page in any room with a networked computer.

Image Management:

Our software allows you to add and manage all of your patient images in one easy to use area. You can add x-rays, photographs, scanned documents and letters. Integration: Our program easily integrates with many other dental programs. Some examples are: Apteryx, Dexis, HouseCalls, ImageFX, Schick, Sirona Sidexis, SpeedVision, TigerView, Trojan, Trophy, VixWin as well as many others


Full Featured Clinical Charting

Our system includes 3D tooth charting and a comprehensive periodontal chart. You can record existing conditions, planned treatment, completed treatment and referred treatment. Everything is graphically displayed for both quick and detailed reference. The charting system can even automatically determine the appropriate treatment code by tooth # and surfaces. Treatment plans can be easily sent to insurance and printed in customized reports to provide an elegant, yet easy, personalized presentation to your patient.